Forex Jupiter might be the most accurate trend indicator the Forex world has ever seen! This tool uses the power of the key Forex trading techniques like Support & Resistance and combines it with the ultra-precise trend detector algorithm of mine. All for YOUR success and prosperity. Turn your trading into the main source of income with Forex Jupiter!
- Oliver Murphy, CEO of Altra Forex
When it comes to professional trading, each person who have even once tried to achieve success in Forex can tell you that there is an abundance of different tools with all kinds of tales surrounding them. It is very easy to feel lost in this sea of choices; but in order to get to the top, you need to dig through every single option - or do you?

I believe that every person can start trading profitably. All it takes is one simple secret: you need to find the strategy that works in the long run. Something that has been tested many times over, and something that can be used again and again. That is what I put into the very heart of my Forex Jupiter.

Forex Jupiter is a trading indicator that has my ultimate trend-detecting algorithm at its core, which was programmed using millions of lines of source code from all the tools developed in the last years. Then we used Artificial Intelligence to find what works best and brings most profit, and our team of professional traders and software developers turned it into simple, intuitive form that can be used even by a total newbie!

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You get the chance to watch live how your trading experience will look like with Forex Jupiter!
Our testers have made real money with Forex Jupiter and shared their trading histories with us: look at those winning streaks and don't hesitate to get your own Forex Jupiter right now!
Don't be jealous, but those trades could have been yours: 927.4 pips on M30 timeframe - and they are not even done yet! Forex Jupiter catches trend movements and brings home the prize every time!
7/7 wins on M15 timeframe resulting in groundbreaking $10,756.76 - this is what the first members of Forex Jupiter had the opportunity to get! Don't wait to join their ranks any longer - get your own copy now!
These wins are happening right before your eyes: Forex Jupiter earns money every day and never fails to surprise us! These 5 out of 5 wins on H1 timeframe can definitely make a trader happy!
Catching every trend movement and getting every last pip, dollar and cent to you - that is the main purpose of Forex Jupiter! Look how it grabbed 843 pips on M30 timeframe with surgical precision!
Forex Jupiter is incredibly beginner-friendly: It generates clear signals for you to follow, that come with highly accurate exit points and help you earn money - like $4,691.23 on M15 timeframe!
H4 timeframe is for those who want to do less and earn more: let your Forex Jupiter run and grow your account with amazing results like these: $15,800.30 on just two assets!
Forex Jupiter is the master of finding perfect entry and exit points: the unmatched trend detection and 3 Support and Resistance levels allow to get results like these: 5/5 wins in a row on H1 timeframe!
Huge profits with just 2 trades on H1 timeframe: Forex Jupiter managed to bring breathtaking 2468 pips - which is incredible even for the wildest of traders' dreams!
Forex Jupiter is capable of winning trades like no other tool currently available on the market — it sweeps every opportunity and provides the user with dizzying profits: $6,841.24 on M30 timeframe!
With Forex Jupiter the question "where can I get the money?" will no longer bother you - no wonder with the results like these: 251.9 pips or $2,349.39 with just two wins on M15 timeframe!
AI-Powered Algorithm
The best minds of trading industry poured their experience and knowledge into Forex Jupiter.
Brilliant Team of Creators
Once appeared, the signals stay the same - no changes and no unpredictable outcome.
100% Auto Trading Supported
We used the most advanced technology available to mankind in order to develop our tool.
No Repaint!
Set it and forget it - that's how we like it! Pair it up with Forex Jupiter Manager and let it do all the job!
Watch this video to find out how you can achieve the same results as we demonstrate here!
When Forex Jupiter generates a signal, it doesn't simply offer you an entry point - it creates a whole system for you to take advantage of and get your profit.

First, it does generate an entry point - the most accurate one in the existing market conditions in this very moment.

Second, Forex Jupiter uses Support and Resistance levels to offer you three TakeProfit levels and a StopLoss level. Support and Resistance is the flesh and blood of Forex trading - with them as the basis, your TakeProfit and StopLoss will be highly precise every single time.

Third, with all this data at hand you will be able to make decisions at lightning speed, entering and exiting trades one after another and growing your account in the process. The Forex Jupiter system allows you to use it to suit your own trading style, whichever it may be - conservative or adventurous. It is also built in the way that can be beneficial to both total novices and seasoned traders!
Forex Jupiter is a beast - as simple as that! Have you seen any other tool that is capable of grabbing 656 pips on M15 timeframe with just three price movements like here on Euro / Australian dollar? I don't think so!
The trend detection of Forex Jupiter can't be compared to any other tool: you will always be protected from false reversals and will get huge profit like these wins on British pound / Japanese yen, M30 timeframe!
Mind-blowing results on Gold / U.S. dollar, M30 timeframe - it took Forex Jupiter just two trades to win 784 pips! I keep telling you - those who use it win big!
It is easy to get used to a good thing - and with Forex Jupiter that is exactly what happens! The results like 783 pips on U.S. dollar / Japanese yen, H1 timeframe become an ordinary thing to you!
Sometimes it’s better to see once: do I even need to tell you anything? 1761 pips on British pound / U.S. dollar, H4 timeframe - it is definitely something you want to see in your own account as well!
Pop-up Alerts with Sound on MT4/MT5 Platform
You don't have to stay up late or wake up early to sit at your computer and watch the market like a hawk - our built-in alert system will make it impossible for you to miss a trade! Once you hear the alert, just open the trade!
Instant Email Notifications
But, I thought you said I didn't have to be at my computer all day? We did, you don't. Instant email notifications will let you know as soon as a signal alert is generated!
Push Notifications to Your Mobile Phone
You'll get a push notification when a signal is generated – then just open the MT4/MT5 app on your phone and enter the trade with the data that's been given to you! It's as simple as that.
The average profit on M15 timeframe and a currency pair like EURUSD will be around $300 per trade in about 15 candles.
You can increase the profit you get from each trade on M15 and M30 timeframes if you aim at the 2nd or 3rd S/R levels!
M15 timeframe
Support / Resistance
H4 timeframe is for those who prefer to set it and forget it – the trade takes longer but it can bring you up to $1600!
H4 timeframe
Semi-EA/10% Auto
Several Exit Options
News Filter
It is recommended avoiding trading during news announcements - and with Forex Jupiter Manager the process will be stopped automatically.
Your software will automatically follow the option you choose: TakeProfit, Opposite signal and three Support/Resistance levels.
Get rid of the hustle of punching in the digits with our two Modes: either enter and exit trades with 1 click or have your trading be done fully automatically!
Money Management
Just decide which percentage of your capital you are willing to risk per single trade, and Forex Jupiter Manager will do the rest!
Partial Position Close
Secure your profit once you get even to the very first winning level and when the price reaches final goal get the rest of your win!
Trading Hours
Forex Jupiter Manager will allow you to set your software to open and close trades during your preferred trading sessions.
Max Spread Protection
You will be able to set the Maximum Spread level, and if it is exceeded the trades will not be opened - you are 100% protected.
Perfect Combination
With Forex Jupiter Manager you will be able to use highly accurate signals of Forex Jupiter while all the other aspects of trading are taken care of.
There are two ways in which you can use Forex Jupiter Manager: it can be either the Semi-EA Mode or full AutoMode.

If you decide that you want your Forex Jupiter to enter trades with one click and exit them automatically, you should go with a default semi-EA mode.

When a new signal is generated, a trading panel will appear on the screen with all the information regarding the next trade. You just need to choose one option – either "Exit at the TakeProfit Level", “Exit at the Opposite Signal” or "Exit at Support 1-2-3 / Resistance 1-2-3" – and then click on it. The software will then enter the trade with all the necessary settings, and when the trade is done – it will be closed automatically with profit!
One more option is to use Forex Jupiter in the 100% automatic mode. In this case you need to enable AutoMode in the Manager window and after that your smart software will carry out all the trades automatically. No effort from you whatsoever! Zero time spent in front of your PC and much more opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones or doing something you really wanna do. And while you will be out and about, Forex Jupiter will manage trades like these for you, just like the smartest personal assistant in the world.

Making money doing almost nothing has never been easier – with Forex Jupiter and its Manager’s AutoMode you will never have to worry about looking for the source of income ever again!
If you prefer manual trading, all you need to do is load your Forex Jupiter on your MetaTrader 4/5 platform, connect it to MT4/MT5 app on your smartphone by entering your MetaQuotes ID into a specific field (go to “Tools – Options – Notifications” to find it), and then allow push notifications in the Forex Jupiter settings - that's it!

After that you will get notifications about all the signals generated by Forex Jupiter. Use them to enter and exit trades from phone and watch your account grow!
What can be easier than automatic trading? Just connect your MetaTrader 4/5 to your MT4/MT5 app, load both Forex Jupiter and Forex Jupiter Manager onto your platform, enable AutoMode in the Manager window and allow it to do all the work!

Not only you will be able to see the signals generated by Forex Jupiter, but you will have to do absolutely nothing to earn money - Forex Jupiter Manager will enter and exit the trades for you, and you will just watch it hitting your aims in real time!
Signals Notifications
Trades Notifications
Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book are the best. In order to get profit you need to find the way to use everything to your advantage.

That is what makes me so proud of Forex Jupiter Manager. It is the tool that makes it possible for you to trade in the safest way available while getting the most out of every trade. With its News Filter, Max Spread Protection, Trading Hours Settings you will be able to follow every recommendation available online. With Partial Position Close you will be able to ensure that even if the smallest win is possible - it will be yours. The Money Management feature will protect your initial investment, and there are even more incredible settings to explore and choose from!

And don't forget the most important part - all of it will be done automatically! So as long as you have Forex Jupiter Manager at your disposal, you will never have to worry about the complicated rules and calculations again - it will be done for you in a blink of an eye!
You will get your own copy of Forex Jupiter via instant download.
Install it under 5 minutes and start trading right away - no waiting time!
Follow the BUY/SELL signals and get easy profit with Forex Jupiter!


Forex Jupiter
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account


Forex Jupiter
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account
Money-back Guarantee
Life-time License
Forex Jupiter + Manager
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
2 Real & 1 Demo Accounts
Entering with 1 Click
Automatic Exit
Multiplying Profit
100% Auto Mode
Money-back Guarantee
Life-time License


Forex Jupiter + Manager
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account
Entering with 1 Click
Automatic Exit
Multiplying Profit
100% Auto Mode


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Just send us a message and we will try our best to answer any questions you may have!
My experience with altra forex had been just great! To begin with, the support is both personal and professional. I know that I can contact Oliver and Daria with any question and I will receive a prompt and informative reply. Moreover, the signals provided by the Proton scalper indicator are very accurate. I really enjoy my trading now. Thanks!
My review on Altra Forex and Proton scalper
Dennis Lockman, GB
I have tested both EAs and my opinion is 5*, if you need a useful tool to support you in your daily trading these EAs are the perfect solution. They work perfectly, you can increase your acount step by step and you receive a very professional support from the author's team.
Oracle scalper and FXacelerator
mangata, IT
I purchased bizion scalper and let’s say. I put it on my chart during London session turn on auto mode. On two pairs Eurusd and gbpusd closed in profit $154.00. I love the 10pip trailing stoploss feature and I’m looking forward to setting this up on a vps and letting it run automatically and do it’s thing. I did purchase the auto manger im not trading this manually.
I purchased bizion scalper and let’s…
Nardia Stone, US
Bizon Scalper is a very good and profitable EA. It scalps a few pips (10-30) on resistance / support levels. I've been doing forward testing on M1, very good results. High frequency type of EAs use the same entry method. But this tool does not enter more than one position at a time and also has slippage protection.
Bizon Scalper is a very good and…
Matthew Barton, SE
What timeframes?
M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 timeframes.
All currency pairs as well as metals and indices.
What pairs?
What platform?
MetaTrader 4 and MetatTrader 5.
Can I use it on multiple trading accounts?
Yes, your Forex Jupiter can be used on 1 real and 1 demo accounts.
Can I change the account numbers I registered?
Of course! All you need to do is email us the new numbers.
Can I upgrade my order to a life-time one later?
Sure! Just email us and we will send you a special link.
Can I trade automatically with Forex Jupiter?
Yes - but only if you pair it with Forex Jupiter Manager!
How will I get the product after the purchase?
Instant download.
Will it work on VPS?
Yes, it will! The only exception is VPS, which is not compatible with our software.
Our members know the quality of our products and trust us wholeheartedly - we know that. But we want each new member to feel safe and secure with their order!

That's why we made sure that you can try life-time version of Forex Jupiter 100% risk-free for 14 days! You can test it, record your results and decide whether it suits you personally!

And if for any reason whatsoever you decide that Forex Jupiter is not for you, all you need to do is send us an email - and we will give you your full payment back! No excuses, no delays, no hustle - just the best support in the field!
14 days since the moment of the purchase
No reason needed - every request is granted
100% of the money paid is returned
I believe this is worth repeating - Forex Jupiter is a fool-proof way to earn money on trading. It may sound harsh and patronizing, but believe me: I just want to make sure that you understand what is at stake. And this time it is your own future.

With Forex Jupiter on your side you will be able to make decisions with lightning speed, opening trades the second the opportunity arises and closing them exactly at the most profitable point in time.

And that is what makes real money in Forex.

Nothing is worse than ungrounded worries; don't let them stand between you and achieving your dreams. There is no reason to avoid simply trying - you will lose nothing and, quite possibly, gain everything.

I know that you've always wanted a miracle to happen. It is finally here.
Let it happen to you. Get Forex Jupiter right now.
User Guide
Rapid Support
Powerful Algorithm
Instant Download
1 Real & 1 Demo
Free Updates
IMPORTANT! If you have any problems during the payment process, please contact us!
By purchasing the product, you agree with the Terms and Conditions of use.
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No Repaint
3 in 1 Tool
Built-in Filter
Unique Strategy
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Delivery rules
After placing an order, the buyer gets access to the success page, where he can download the installation files for the program and receive instructions for downloading and installing, as well as instructions for activating his copy of the software.


Forex Jupiter
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account